Over the last several years, we’ve witnessed an increased demand for smart home technologies as customers continue to embrace a digital lifestyle. Smart home technology, whether it be keyless entry locks, smart thermostats, or leak sensors, these are all things that, five or six years ago, were still very new to the marketplace, said Andre Sanchez, COO of Rently. Renters nowadays, however, genuinely anticipate having this technology in their apartments.

According to Rently CEO Merrick Lackner, the environment will become more volatile in the upcoming years. Thus investors and property managers must evaluate their demands. Although investing may seem paradoxical in the current economic context, several economically viable reasons exist to implement smart home technology immediately.

As an illustration, Lackner used the present staffing shortages, saying that they leave leasing offices with fewer staff members available to give tours to potential tenants. Rently’s self-showing technology can help offset those productivity losses. This method of showing properties is significantly more affordable when the economy is down. Self-showing is a fantastic option when you don’t have enough staff to support traditional agent showings, and it can help you meet your leasing objectives on schedule.

He claimed that self-showing technology increases a current staff’s productivity and efficiency and facilitates more excursions. The ability of an operator to watch over and defend an unoccupied property is also improved by smart home technology. Lenders must implement these efficiency and automation measures in a more volatile market in order to cut costs and maintain the quality of their portfolio. Click here to read more.