The real estate market has seen some positive shifts over the past couple of months. Home prices rose month-over-month in March, for the second consecutive month. And this healthy increase was driven by three large metro cities: Miami, Tampa, and Charlotte.

The ongoing pandemic has blasted the job market in the United States, but strong housing prices have helped to make up some of the lost economic ground. This is likely a result of many people hesitant to put their homes up for sale, with the prevailing uncertainty around the broader economy. This, when combined with low mortgage rates, has made it easier for buyers to purchase homes.

The most important elements of this article in bullet points are:
• Home prices rose month-over-month for the second straight month in March
• Three large metro cities – Miami, Tampa, and Charlotte – led the way
• The pandemic has impacted the job market, but strong housing prices have aided in economic recovery
• Low mortgage rates have made it easier for buyers to purchase homes

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