This article discusses the new loan approval system called “Encompass Instant Approval” created by Guaranteed Rate. Guaranteed Rate is one of the country’s largest retail mortgage lenders and its new system was built to streamline the loan application process.

The system uses sophisticated algorithms to quickly and accurately assess a loan applicant’s credit, assets, and income. The system then generates an instant eligibility decision, with most applicants receiving a response within 24 hours. Step-by-step pre-qualification, including documentation submission and identity verification, will still take place after the initial decision is made.

Encompass Instant Approval was designed to simplify and speed up the loan application process for time-sensitive customers. Guaranteed Rate aims to provide a seamless, streamlined experience for its customers, allowing them to have a fast, hassle-free experience.

The new system is expected to provide numerous benefits for customers who need to move forward quickly on their loan process. Specifically, it will allow them to quickly access loan pre-qualification decisions, which can significantly reduce the amount of time and mental energy needed to go through the application process. According to Guaranteed Rate’s Chief Lending Officer, “Encompass Instant Approval will be a huge benefit to our customers, who can now get a glimpse of their loan eligibility faster than ever before.”

Overall, Guaranteed Rate’s new system is expected to provide a quick and easy loan application process that benefits both customers and lenders. Customers will benefit from faster loan pre-qualification decisions, while lenders will get more accurate information to make up-front decisions and reduce risk. With the launch of Encompass Instant Approval, Guaranteed Rate is bringing their customers a more efficient mortgage experience.

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