Ginnie Mae, the government-owned corporation that guarantees mortgage-backed securities, has recently broken its silence regarding a lawsuit filed by a former warehouse lender, RMF. In response to the suit, Ginnie Mae has requested its dismissal, potentially marking a crucial development in the ongoing legal battle.

The lawsuit, brought against Ginnie Mae by RMF, alleges that the government-backed corporation failed to take necessary actions to prevent fraudulent activities within its mortgage program. However, Ginnie Mae’s response aims to dismiss the suit, asserting that it has fulfilled all its obligations and obligations under the law.

Key points from this development include:

– Ginnie Mae, responsible for the guarantee of mortgage-backed securities, has responded to a lawsuit filed by RMF.
– The lawsuit accuses Ginnie Mae of negligence in addressing fraudulent activities within its mortgage program.
– Ginnie Mae seeks the dismissal of the suit, stating it has fulfilled all its obligations and obligations as required by law.

While the outcome of this legal battle remains uncertain, this response from Ginnie Mae introduces new dynamics to the case, potentially paving the way for further legal arguments and actions in the mortgage industry.

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