In a recent interview, George Morales, a prominent figure in the mortgage industry, shared his insights on his new sales role and the strategic vision of Mortgage Cadence. Morales highlighted the company’s ambitious objective to expand the reach of reverse mortgages to a wider audience, including big banks. This move is poised to generate significant opportunities for both Mortgage Cadence and the industry as a whole.

– George Morales shares his thoughts on his new sales role at Mortgage Cadence
– Mortgage Cadence aims to bring reverse mortgages to a broader market
– The company plans to target big banks as potential players in the reverse mortgage space
– Morales highlights the potential opportunities and benefits of expanding the reach of reverse mortgages to a larger audience
– The strategic vision of Mortgage Cadence aligned with industry trends and demands for increasing accessibility in the mortgage market.

According to Morales, bringing reverse mortgages to big banks can result in a well-rounded approach that caters to a diverse range of customers. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these major financial institutions, Mortgage Cadence aims to address the evolving needs of consumers seeking reverse mortgage options. This strategic move aligns with the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions and driving overall growth in the mortgage industry.

– Expanding the reach of reverse mortgages to big banks allows for a more comprehensive offering to customers
– Mortgage Cadence seeks to tap into the extensive resources and expertise of major financial institutions
– The objective is to meet the evolving needs of consumers by providing a diverse array of reverse mortgage options
– This strategic initiative by Mortgage Cadence consolidates its position as an innovator in the mortgage industry

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