Florida’s housing market experienced a strong November, with a notable increase in supply of single-family existing homes compared to the previous year. Here are the key points from the article:

– Florida’s supply of single-family existing homes last month stood at 3.7 months, marking a 32.1% rise on a year-over-year basis.
– This increase in supply suggests a healthier and more balanced market, offering buyers more options and potentially mitigating some of the recent affordability challenges.
– For potential homebuyers in Florida, the expanded inventory could present an opportunity to find suitable housing options.
– The news reflects a positive trend in Florida’s housing market, implying potential benefits for both buyers and sellers.
– This information is sourced from an article titled “Florida’s Housing Market Enjoyed a Robust November” on the Weekly Real Estate News website.

You can read this full article at: https://wrenews.com/floridas-housing-market-enjoyed-a-robust-november/

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