The newest trend in real estate investment is the purchase of single-family homes, being sold at or above asking price after refurbishment. According to a survey conducted by real estate marketplace New Western, approximately 80% of real estate investors have opted to make real estate investments in this manner.

The purpose for the purchase and renovation of single-family homes and selling at a higher than original list price is to generate healthy profits. Through the course of the study conducted by New Western, it was evident that there are three stages of properties that have proven to be successful for these investors. The three stages are purchasing, renovating, and selling.

Investors who have chosen to follow this trend have found that there are substantial profits to be made in every stage of the investment process. The refurbishment of single-family homes involves both cosmetic and essential repairs which can significantly increase the home’s value upon the completion of the project. This allows investors to recoup their expenses and create potential returns of investment.

In summary, the real estate market has found new niche in the buying and reselling of single-family homes. According to the survey conducted by New Western, 80% of investors have found success in purchasing, renovating, and then reselling single-family homes, often at netting profits. This has proven to be a lucrative venture for those who wish to take advantage of the current market.

Important Elements of Text:
• Purchase and renovate single-family homes – to make them habitable and sell at higher than original list price
• 80% of real estate investors have chosen this investment option
• Renovating homes involves cosmetic and essential repairs
• Potentially netting good profits in every stage of the investment
• Lucrative venture for those taking advantage of current market

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