According to the Fed’s most recent Beige Book report, house sales have decreased across all 12 Federal Reserve districts due to the economic impasse between rising interest rates and inflation. The likelihood of future progress is also remote. According to the report, the forecast for future economic development is still largely dim, with expectations for additional softening of demand over the following six to twelve months.

The robust inflation data that was issued on the 13th of September, according to the financial advisory firm Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT), suggests that the Federal Reserve will likely be more aggressive in its next round of rate hikes. The Federal Open Market Committee of the Fed will convene on September 20 and 21.

Rates have practically doubled over the past year, with the typical 30-year fixed rate at around 6% or more. According to a significant mortgage data provider, only about 452,000 borrowers are qualified for a profitable refinance. Refinancing applications have decreased 83% from last year.

According to the report, higher interest rates in Boston reduced the number of closed sales in the residential real estate markets in the First District. Contacts ascribed the fall in sales to high price inflation and rising mortgage rates straining consumer wallets. Although in New York, while the rental market has remained robust, the housing sales market has slowed down throughout the summer.

The number of homes sold in New York City and most of the district decreased, but the inventory of available properties increased despite remaining extremely low. All across numerous cities in the country, from San Francisco to Dallas, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and many more. The housing industry and lenders at large have been generally impacted. To read more on this, click the link below

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