If you are unable to afford the current contractual payment and there are no other liens reflected on title to the property, we may allow you to deed the property back to us to avoid the time and expense of a foreclosure action. We are hopeful that we can help you work through your current financial difficulties but we need your cooperation to do so. Remember, time is of the essence. The sooner you contact us, the faster we can work together to get your account back on track.

Please be advised that if you do not contact us and notify us of a financial hardship, or fail to respond to our attempts to contact you, serious consequences may result. Technically, if your payment is late, you are in default, and your lender (depending on the terms of your note) likely has the option of proceeding with a judicial or nonjudicial foreclosure. If you are foreclosed upon, your property will be sold at auction, and you will be evicted. While we can make no promises that your lender will not foreclose on your loan, we can promise that you have a much better chance of avoiding such a result by staying in close contact with us and advising us of any potential delinquencies before they occur.