This week, employees of the now defunct mortgage lender Sprout Mortgage took action in a New York court to ensure their $3.5 million settlement for unpaid wages reaches its destination.

The lawsuit alleged Sprout Mortgage, which operated in more than 20 states, failed to pay their employees for all the hours worked and did not make legally organized overtime pay. It further accused the company of denying rest and meal breaks for their employees, violating the New York Labor Law.

The most important points of the text include:
• Ex-workers took action in a NY court this week
• $3.5M settlement with defunct Sprout Mortgage
• Allegations of unpaid wages
• Allegations of no overtime pay
• Allegations of denied rest and meal breaks
• Violations of New York Labor Law

The lawsuit is a major victory for these employees, who have been seeking justice for some time and still haven’t received payment for the wages they earned. This legal victory should help ensure that the employees of Sprout Mortgage receive the money they are rightfully owed, and that justice is done for undoing labor laws in New York.

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