Escrow and Title Companies

Note Servicing Center specializes in servicing SELLER CARRY BACK LOANS and PRIVATE FINANCING. Perhaps you are including Note Servicing and Collection in your menu of services offered as part of your Customer Service Department.

For those Escrow and Title companies offering servicing as an accommodation to your clients, let us show how you can continue to offer these benefit and at the same time INCREASE the level of service without the investment in HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, PERSONNEL, TRAINING AND TIME.

Take a look at the impressive list of routine services we provide for one low monthly fee at no additional charge.

  • Payment Processing including Coupons and envelopes to the Payor
  • Collect payments owed to the lender or seller
  • Payments are processed daily
  • Prompt deposit of funds into client account or sent wherever the client directs.
  • Monthly statements
  • Keep an accurate record of every payment made and every disbursement
  • Send delinquency and late notices
  • Balloon payment notification
  • Year end financial accounting required for IRS (1098 and 1099)
  • Monitor payments for taxes and insurance
  • Automatic (ACH) borrower payments
  • Automatic Direct Deposit to Seller/Lender account
  • Payment history upon request
  • Pay all postage and telephone calls


  • Impounding of Taxes and Insurance into Sellers Reserve Account.
  • Document custodial services.
  • “On Line” Account Access for Lender and Borrower 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.
  • BULK PURCHASE: The Note Servicing Center is in a position to purchase your portfolio of servicing accounts. Call us for confidential proposal for bulk purchase.
  • OUTSOURCING: Because of the “wholesale” pricing of servicing provided by the Note Servicing Center, outsourcing of your portfolio of servicing accounts, may be the answer and at the same time provide an additional profit center for your company.