Certified Public Accountants 

CPA’s who specialize in tax, divorce, or estate work often have clients who are receiving payments on mortgages, trust deeds or other notes and receivables.

Some property owners choose to provide financing to new buyers when they sell their home or investment properties. This may be referred to as seller financing, owner assisted financing, or owner carry back financing

When a your client has sold property and taken back a mortgage or deed of trust and are now collecting payments from the buyers, you may find the client requests you to “service” this note by collecting from the buyer and disbursing the payments to their account.  The Note Servicing Center has the experience and capabilities to assist you in this process and handle everything so you can concentrate on building your business.

We service Land Contracts (aka: Contracts of Sale, Contract for Deed) Notes of all types secured by Real Estate regardless of “recording position” of the note; Multi-Investor (Fractionated Loans), All Inclusive Notes, Vari-Interest Rate Loans, Home Equity Loans, and notes with complex payment schedules and terms. We also service Auto Loans and Contracts both secured and unsecured as well as other forms of Cash Flows and Debt Instruments.

The tracking and paying of underlying existing mortgages represents standard servicing as well as the impounding for taxes and insurance including the payment of these expenses when due providing we are sent the invoices and included as an additional loss payee so that insurance bills can be sent to us. Escrowing for Home Owners Dues and other Expenses is provided as well as pay off demands and year end 1098 and 1099 at no additional cost.

Because of the unavailability of bank loans, even to qualified borrowers, the Intra-Family loans have become popular in recently months.  Typically a family member with investment capital available agrees to loan to a young family couple to purchase a home.  The use of a third party authority to take care of the collection, disbursement, monthly statements and year end IRS reporting is priceless. The Note Servicing Center routinely provides this service at an affordable monthly rate.