Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology is the most comprehensive and advanced end-to-end technology solution available today in the mortgage industry. It offers banks, lenders and mortgage companies the flexibility and configurability needed to create an optimized lending experience for customers and other stakeholders across all channels—a single system of record.

The highlights of Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology include:
* Easy integration of data points: It seamlessly integrates and streamlines data points from various sources to enable a more seamless customer experience.
* Automated third-party data access: The platform provides real-time access to reliable third-party data, eliminating manual processes that cause errors.
* Automated processes and workflow: Encompass by ICE reduces the manual effort required by streamlining processes and increasing automation. It also provides support for customer self-service, which can reduce customer onboarding time.
* Data security and compliance: Encompass by ICE provides a secure environment, allowing for better regulatory compliance, with the latest security protocols built in.

Overall, Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology offers a comprehensive and advanced solution for banks and mortgage lenders, providing an optimally tailored lending experience for customers and other stakeholders across all channels.

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