Ron Leonhardt, founder and CEO of CrossCountry Mortgage, provides insights into the recent acquisition of Amcap and sheds light on the potential for future acquisitions. Under Leonhardt’s leadership, CrossCountry Mortgage has successfully closed the deal with Texas-based Amcap, expanding its reach and capabilities in the industry.

During his interview, Leonhardt highlights the strategic thinking behind the Amcap acquisition, emphasizing the benefits it brings to CrossCountry Mortgage in terms of geographic expansion and market expertise. He notes that the deal aligns with the company’s goal of enhancing its platform through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Leonhardt also discusses the future outlook for CrossCountry Mortgage in terms of further acquisitions. While he acknowledges that the company is open to exploring potential opportunities, he underscores the importance of finding the right fit, both culturally and operationally. He emphasizes the focus on maintaining their core values and ensuring that any future acquisitions align with their long-term growth strategy.

Key points from Ron Leonhardt’s interview include:

– Successful completion of CrossCountry Mortgage’s acquisition of Amcap, a Texas-based company.
– Geographic expansion and market expertise are significant advantages gained through the acquisition.
– CrossCountry Mortgage’s strategic vision involves enhancing its platform through partnerships and acquisitions.
– Future acquisitions will be pursued with a focus on cultural and operational compatibility, in alignment with the company’s core values and growth strategy.

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