Celebrating 40 Years of Success with a Fresh Look!


Hello everyone, I am thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey as a private mortgage note servicing company. This year marks our 40th anniversary in the industry, and we couldn't be more proud of how far we've come. Our Journey So [...]

How Does Hard Money Lending Differ from Conventional Lending?

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Hard money lending bears similarities to conventional loans. For example, they share a similar structure of giving out loans and repayment before the due date. But still, there are differences in the application for hard money loans. For example, the loan terms, the use [...]

Why Buyers and Sellers Should Protect their Investment

2022-07-05T06:30:23-07:00Articles, Timely, Uncategorized|

If you are in the process of obtaining or selling a private mortgage, you might be researching the pros and cons of owner financing. You will find that one of the main risks in private mortgage is unpaid property taxes. I would like to [...]

35th Q & A with Thomas and Roberta Standen

2022-07-05T06:30:20-07:00Timely, Uncategorized|

With this year being Note Servicing Center’s 35th year anniversary, our marketing staff has conducted a series of twelve Q&A questions with the owner of Note Servicing Center, Roberta Standen, and its CEO, Thomas Standen. We will be sharing one Q&A every month with our monthly newsletter. As their leadership and knowledge in the industry has grown immensely over the past 35 years, take a glimpse into how Note Servicing Center has expanded and developed since its opening in 1984.

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