US Housing Market Flourishes Despite Economic Struggles

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Despite the economic turmoil, US housing market continues to improve. Discover the surprising trends that lenders are taking advantage of to generate a strong return on their investments. Get the details now!

Smart Rate Wins Temporary Stay on Suspension of License in Illinois

2023-04-07T06:51:40-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private mortgage loan servicing|

Smart Rate achieves justice in Illinois--license suspended after false allegations temporarily reinstated. Find out more about Smart Rate's legal victory and how they're protecting their customers!

Real Estate Pros: Prepare for Down Cycles and Thrive Despite Uncertain Times

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Real estate investors, stay ahead of the economic curve! Learn how to predict & prepare for market downturns to keep your business thrivig & profitable. Get industry tips from experts & gain insight on weathering uncertain times.

CFPB Appeal: Fighting For Fair and Equitable Lending Practices

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The federal government is looking to the CFPB to ensure that lenders are providing fair and equitable services to consumers. Join the fight to protect people's rights to access responsible lending services. #WeAllWinWhenEveryoneCanLend

Title: AI’s Impact on the Housing Industry

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Discover how AI is disrupting the housing industry in terms of policy, smart technology and the potential to revolutionize the field. Learn how AI could be the future of the billion-dollar real estate industry.

Rithm Capital Expands in Europe, Ready to Revolutionize Healthcare Venture Capital

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Revolutionize healthcare venture capital in 2020! Rithm Capital expands in Europe with the goal to help healthcare startups collaborate and succeed. Be part of an innovative venture capital wave. Invest with Rithm Capital now!

NAREB Calls on Mortgage Lenders To Utilize SPCPs To Increase Black Homeownership

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"2020 has seen a housing crisis, but NAREB is fighting to get more African-Americans into homeownership. Join leading lenders to see how SPCPs can help increase Black Homeownership today!"

Big Purple Dot Integrates with ChatGPT for AI-Powered Customer Support

2023-04-28T17:52:10-07:00private money loan servicing, private mortgage loan servicing|

Big Purple Dot has partnered with ChatGPT to revolutionize customer service. Now you can access AI-powered support from the comfort of your own home, ensuring timely and accurate help when you need it most. Enjoy the ease and convenience of fast, reliable customer service!

FHFA Expands COVID-19 Loan Payment Deferral Program for Homeowners

2023-04-28T17:52:14-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage loan servicing|

Don't let COVID disrupt your home loan. FHFA offers payment deferral for struggling homeowners. Get the info and the help you need - fast, secure, and absolutely free! #homeowners #COVID #FHFA #paymentdeferral

Real Estate Market Cools in Early 2023 as Home Prices Pause in Appreciation Growth

2023-03-28T11:10:48-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage loan servicing|

Real estate investing can be tricky but picking the right market can pay off. Early 2023 saw a cooling trend in real estate market with home prices taking a breather from their steady appreciation. Use this data to consider your next move in property investing!

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