Lenders Brace for Impact of Commission Lawsuits on Agent-LO Relationships

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An SEO meta description for "LOs Who Rely on Agent Referrals Will Need to Expand Their Reach": Private lenders who employ or partner with loan officers should become aware of the changing real estate industry. Find out how new business trends and limited agent meddling may affect LOs seeking consumer referrals. Make sure you're getting the most out of your sourcing strategy.

UWM Broadens Credit Report Program Coverage

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Eliminate unwanted solicitations with UWM's enhanced Safe Check program. Our credit reports give private lenders the information they need—without sending out leads. Get reliable data from the mortgage industry expert without sacrificing security.

Opinion: Merger Investigated to Revolutionize Housing Ecosystem

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A successful infrastructure for private lenders is on the horizon, as dire financial outcomes drive crucial shifts in a volatile industry. Discover the implications for the future of finance and how it affects the average person.

How Mortgage Automation Helps Businesses, According to Tim Bowler.

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Q&A with Tim Bowler, president of ICE Mortgage Technology: Discover the automated technology behind the company's mortgage strategy. Learn how automation can make life easier for lenders and customers. Uncover the innovative solutions ICE Mortgage Technology offers. Find out the benefits of mortgage automation.

Single-family Home Construction Slows Nationwide in Q2

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This quarter, private lenders across the country witnessed a slowdown in single-family home building, caused by increased mortgage rates, labor and supply shortages. Despite challenges, lenders are still making strides in the industry. Learn how to stay ahead of the competition.

ICE Acquires Black Knight for $11.9B

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This meta-description aims to inform private lenders of the news that ICE completed its acquisition of Black Knight for $11.9 billion after more than a year of antitrust challenges. Learn how this affects the mortgage lending industry and its implications on private lenders.

NY Airbnb Rentals Slump as Govt Tightens Laws

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"Is your Airbnb business in New York City affected by the new regulations? Learn about the latest regulatory changes from a mortgage industry expert. Get the information you need to understand what this means for your private lending operations."

FHFA Weighs Opening FHLB to Nonbank Mortgage Lenders

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Unlock new mortgage opportunities for your business! The FHFA is considering granting access to the Federal Home Loan Bank network to more financial firms, including nonbank mortgage lenders. Learn how this could expand your bond portfolio and lead to valuable partnerships.

Fathom Adds Elite to Expand Texas Reach

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"Encompass Lending Group has recently acquired Elite Financing Group in order to expand its operations and offer more reliable services to its private lenders in Texas. This transformation significantly increases the company's capability to deliver on its customers’ needs and expectations."

Guild Mortgage Acquires First Centennial Mortgage.

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Guild Mortgage, a retail lender, has acquired First Centennial Mortgage, a privately-held lender with 15 branches in 17 states. Guild's purchase will expand their presence in local markets, allowing for further growth in the purchase mortgage space. This acquisition benefits consumers with a larger selection of lenders in their local market and the ability todetermine the best option for their purchase mortgages.

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