ICE and MLS-owned REdistribute agree on long-term partnership.

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"Enhanced data coverage propels ICE into dominating position in US residential real estate listings, a promising opportunity for private lenders."

MBA reports January surge in mortgage credit availability.

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"The Mortgage Credit Availability Index indicates a slight rise in conventional loan options, offering potential opportunities for private lenders in January."

Zillow reveals Gen Z embraces California’s high costs, undeterred.

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"Insightful analysis reveals lucrative states drawing an influx of younger adults, presenting potential opportunities for private lenders. Discover more."

NAR’s Stance: Cooperative Compensation Benefits Consumers

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Private lenders can find interesting information about cooperative compensation in the mortgage industry. NAR believes this outcome was unsupported and driven by erroneous rulings.

Reasons behind the influx of Gen Z migration to California

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Private lenders may find it interesting that despite 215,000 movers leaving California in 2022, the state gained almost 44,000 Gen Z adults. Learn more.

DocuSign reduces workforce by 400 amid impasse in sale negotiations.

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As a mortgage industry expert, I provide clinical news summaries. DocuSign, an e-signature company, laid off 6% of its workforce amid stalled sale talks, which may intrigue private lenders.

Becoming the preferred agent in your area with effective tips, tools, and strategies for real estate farming.

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Unlock the secrets to connecting with your community, building enduring relationships, and establishing a reputable brand in the mortgage industry. Discover crucial insights for private lenders.

George Morales discusses his new role with Mortgage Cadence and potential entry of a major bank in the reverse mortgage sector.

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George Morales discusses his role in expanding Mortgage Cadence's reverse mortgage offerings to include major banks, leading to new opportunities for private lenders.

Dissimilarities between Q4 housing credit data and 2008 are striking

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Discover how the landscape of housing credit has significantly changed since 2005-2008, as outlined in the insightful Federal Reserve Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit. Gain valuable insights for private lenders.

Majority of Metro Areas See Home Price Increases in Q4 2023

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Learn how the national median single-family existing home price increased by 3.5% to $391,700 in the past year. Find out more about home price gains in metro areas.

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