Subservicing: A Massive Opportunity for Lenders and Servicers

2022-07-04T20:29:54-07:00Private Money Lending|

With production volumes leveling off and non-QM originations on the rise, lenders' desire to concentrate resources and costs on the front end of the business may lead to additional subservicing opportunities. Midsize lenders are ideal candidates for subservicing while offering servicing control to a [...]

Appraisal Modernization: A Top Priority for Lenders

2022-06-02T06:52:14-07:00Private Money Lending|

According to a Fannie Mae study released in mid-May, mortgage lenders find benefits in appraisal modernization, particularly in introducing non-traditional appraisals and inspection-based appraisal exemptions. However, when it comes to what they are investing in, they have a few more important considerations. 94% of [...]

How Loan Brokers can Reach More and New Borrowers with Non-QM

2022-05-31T06:10:45-07:00Private Money Lending|

Due to increasing interest rates, agency loan originations are down dramatically this year. Fannie Mae has reduced its forecasted number of single-family mortgage originations for 2022 from $3 trillion to $2.8 trillion. As a result, many brokers resort to non-QM to boost their income [...]

How Mortgage Lenders are Navigating Life at 6%

2022-12-05T23:08:04-08:00Private Money Lending|

Lenders, Loan Originators, and economists all over the country expect more margin compression and layoffs across the industry. It is expected that originations will decline even further due to the current tough economic situation affecting the industry. The markets have been rocked to their [...]

Why Now is the Time for Lenders to Retool their IT Environment

2022-06-02T07:53:09-07:00Private Money Lending|

Lenders are again feeling the pinch after record-breaking volumes in 2020 and 2021. As profit margins narrow, lending experts are looking for ways to boost efficiency. In an interview with the executive of underwriting solutions for CoreLogic, Bob Jennings discussed what lenders should set [...]

Prioritizing Home Equity Solutions in a Rising Rate Environment

2022-05-31T06:04:39-07:00Private Money Lending|

Interest rate hikes and refinancing declines have highlighted the 2022 housing market, and lenders are working hard to respond to new borrower behaviors. In an interview with Barry Coffin, managing director of ServiceLink's home equity title/close, on how lenders can take advantage of these [...]

Title Insurance Industry Premiums Spike $7B Year Over Year

2022-05-19T09:12:09-07:00Private Money Lending|

According to the American Land Title Association's Market Share Analysis, published on Friday, 6th of May, title insurance premium volume increased about 36% year over year in 2021, amounting to an astounding $7 billion rise.  According to ALTA, the title insurance market collected $26.2 [...]

Five (5) Predictions for Lenders for the Second Half of 2022

2022-05-19T09:09:15-07:00Private Money Lending|

Several trends in the first quarter of 2022 have significantly impacted lenders and their businesses, ranging from housing market trends to mortgage rate trends. Quite a lot has changed in the spring, which will affect some of the previously forecasted scenarios for the industry. [...]

Appraisal Technology: A Requirement, Not a Benefit

2022-05-08T06:48:52-07:00Private Money Lending|

The appraisal industry has seen numerous difficulties and developments in the last two years. As a result, many mortgage and appraisal professionals have turned to appraisal technology solutions to deal with the tough mix of record-breaking volume and a scarcity of appraisers. In an [...]

FHFA Language Disclosure Rule Stokes Fears of Legal Blowback

2022-05-08T06:48:53-07:00Private Money Lending|

To sell loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Finance Agency will now compel lenders to give data on customers' language preferences, resulting in fair lending litigation. According to the regulator, lenders for traditional mortgages will be expected to provide information [...]

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