January 2007 Newsletter


Reasons to Celebrate The people you love the places you’re a part of the memories you hold onto ... and those unforgettable moments when you close your eyes and breathe in life with a smile...A new Year is a reminder to celebrate all the [...]

December 2006 Newsletter


May you be blessed with the true gifts of the season Family, Friendship, Hope and Love. Happy Holidays from All of us at Note Servicing Center Contents: Greeting from Roberta Standen A quick year end reminder: DEVELOPING A PORTFOLIO OF NOTES IN YOUR LOCAL [...]

October 2006 Newsletter


Contents: Greeting from Roberta Standen RainMakers - Part 2 by David P. Butler Synergy Partner – A Bankruptcy Court Appointed Receivers and Referees Upcoming Events(Seminars, Workshops) Greetings to All our Friends and Colleagues As I paused from writing this newsletter for a quick look [...]

June 2006 Newsletter


Contents: Greeting from Roberta Standen Dynamic Duo Reunited! Synergy Partner – Your Local Bank Upcoming Events(Seminars, Workshops) Greeting from Roberta Standen We just returned from the American Cash Flow Convention in Atlanta, where we came away with our heads jam packed with new ideas, [...]

March 2006 Newsletter


Contents: Greeting from Roberta "Powering Profits With Private Mobile Home Paper" by David Butler Helpful Websites Greeting from Roberta Greetings, In the Spring a “note finders” fancy turns to thoughts of – how much they would love to have a bountiful supply of owners [...]

January 2006 Newsletter


Contents: Article Set Yourself Up for Success Perseverance Helpful Websites I. A New Year a New Thought SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS by Thomas Standen Sr. It is no secret to anyone who has been in the real estate business or financial market for [...]

October 2005 Newsletter


Contents: Pensco Symposium Article by Michael Scott Helpful Websites Upcoming Events(Seminars, Workshops) Pensco Symposium Register Today for the Upcoming Symposium on Self-Directed IRAs! This inaugural event is designed to provide a select group of CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors, real estate professionals, and other retirement [...]

June 2005 Newsletter


Contents: Names Change - Teams the Same Motivation Names Change - Teams the Same It has been said, “There is Nothing more Constant than Change”. For those of us involved in the real estate and finance industry, we know this better than most. In [...]

January 2005 Newsletter


"By making and keeping promises to others and achieving our set goals, little by little, our honor becomes greater than our moods." - Stephen Covey Contents: Greetings to All our Friends and Colleagues Synergy Partner -Title and/or Escrow Company Upcoming Events(Seminars, Workshops) Greetings to [...]

October 2004 Newsletter


Contents: Greeting from Roberta Standen Synergy Partner - Attorney Greetings to All our Friends and Colleagues Since we first announced the “Gold Mine of Notes” booklet available on our On-Line bookstore, we have been bombarded with requests for a continuation and introduction to additional [...]

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