Joy, discovery, dreams fulfilled,
adventure, success, wisdom, love,
a beautiful path through life…
Wishing you everything your heart desires
(and a few wonderful surprises, too)
to make this your best year yet!


  1. Greetings
  2. Extreme Makeover by Roberta Standen

I. Greetings

Welcome to the first edition of the North American Loan Servicing Newsletter. The decision to do this is based on the requests of students who attended classes and workshops presented by Tom and I at the Noteworthy and American Cash Flow Conventions as well as the American Note Network Triple Crown events.

First of all though, would like to ask you a question. How did your business “fare” in 2009, and what do you have planned for 2010. Are you better off now than you were twelve months ago – or worse? If you are still in business in spite of the struggles due to the near collapse of the real estate, banking and finance industry, you are one of the fortunate few. Congratulations! Way too many associates and very good friends, especially those with 20 or fewer employees,  have lost just about everything except their minds, but including their proverbial “shirt”; while at the same time, the Washington and Wall Street “fat cats” have flourished.  Fear not though, because…..

If a prize were to be offered for the #1 question asked by most students in the cash flow profession, first prize would go to the following:: “Do notes actually exist particularly in the present economic environment?” The next question:Where do we find notes?”

Well the answer to the first is easy. You see, what we do here at North American Loan Servicing is: Service private seller carry back and privately funded notes. If they didn’t exist, neither would we! But here we are servicing over a billion dollars in notes – and the business is growing continually. New notes are being created, originated, exchanged, sold and purchased every minute of day. Financing drives the Real Estate Market and a very large segment of that market cannot be financed either all or in part with institutional financing.

That leads me to the next most often asked question: where is Waldo? No, no, where are the notes?? Now you have hit on the primary reason for this Newsletter. What you will find here on a regular basis are specific locations for a rich harvest of notes. This information is based on 30 years of experience as a Real Estate Broker and 20 years in servicing privately held notes and mortgages. I know where they are found, because I have to cultivate these sources in order to stay successful in the Note Servicing business. I will share this information with you by helping you to develop a plan of action to access and then cultivate these strategic partners where the notes are created and/or originated.

We plan to deliver this Newsletter to you on a quarterly basis to begin with the goal of publishing monthly eventually. Please visit our new On Line store at This is a new venture for us, but as our web site becomes more user-friendly, we trust you will find it beneficial and a boost to your success. All of us here at North American Loan Servicing wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year filled with Good Health, Peace and Prosperity.

Proverbs 16:9 “We should make plans – counting on God to direct us”. (TLB)

II. Extreme Makeover

There’s nothing quite like a New Year – a clean page, a new leaf, a fresh start, another chance. The New Year is the logical time to identify and set new goals. No, I am not referring to resolutions made and broken by mid-February or sooner. I’m not talking about a “dream”. I’m talking about setting a Specific Goal, and the development of a Plan of Action to get you where you want to go.

Like most of you, I typically start the New Year by looking back on the past 12 months, evaluating progress made, focusing and adjusting our plan of action based on lessons learned from mistakes and then concentrating on realistic aspirations for the next 12 months.

But this year was not typical. Last November we approached plans for the New Year with an honest “reality check”. As in the “reality show” where even their own mother does not recognize them, we discovered that it’s the time to do an “extreme makeover” of our business, it’s time to perform reconstructive surgery; time to perform liposuction surgery by trimming the extra fat and even are considering a shiny new “nose job”. But, whether you decide.. Finish reading the article…