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Terms to Include in Service Agreement When Brokering Loans with Lenders

2022-01-11T02:38:52-08:00Private Money Lending|

Putting in place a strong service agreement can help eliminate challenges encountered when servicing a loan. Brokers are beginning to broker loans to private investors and retain service rights to such loans, which provides a recurring source of revenue. Below are a few of [...]

Private Lending: Issues for Offshore Investors

2022-01-11T02:36:14-08:00Private Money Lending|

The real estate sector in the United States has always proved to be a very lucrative investment for investors home and abroad. The high Return on Investment, stable profit and economy have been massive strengths for the real estate sector.  Private lending is when [...]

Debunking Myths about Loan Participation

2022-01-11T02:35:46-08:00Private Money Lending|

There are several myths surrounding loan participation agreements. Unfortunately, this has created a mental siege and has prevented people from seeing lenders' bountiful benefits and risks. This article discusses below some of the loan participation myths and the truth about them. You can only [...]

How to Use a Personal Guaranty to Your Advantage

2022-01-11T02:35:12-08:00Private Money Lending|

The purpose of the guaranty has both legal and psychological sides. As a lender, it provides you with assurances while protecting the borrower's commitment through their guaranty. Even better, a personal guaranty holds the borrower's assets on this loan and the guarantor as an [...]

Balancing your Tires is Critical… How about Balancing your Life?


Something was definitely wrong with my car. It wobbled, shook, and vibrated. I could hardly keep it on the right side of the road as I traveled down the two-lane road leading out of the Mountains for a shopping day in the City.  The [...]

Anti-Deficiency and the Sham Guaranty Defense

2022-01-11T02:34:58-08:00Private Money Lending|

In California, the Code of Civil Procedure sections 580a, 580e, and 726 are anti-deficiency laws that forbid a lender from getting a deficiency judgment from a defaulter after there might have been a nonjudicial real property foreclosure. These statutes do not apply to guarantors. [...]

Got Solar? Questions to Ask When Underwriting a Home with Solar Power

2022-01-11T02:34:24-08:00Private Money Lending|

If private lenders are not informed about some issues, they won't be well-versed in certain rules and regulations about making deals. In this instance, solar power is gaining the most momentum in the United States in recent times, especially in homes. For instance, by [...]

How to Get Started in Private Money Lending

2022-01-11T02:32:30-08:00Private Money Lending|

Investing in real estate with private funds can be beneficial to both the private Lender and the investor. This guide defines private money lending, who can be a private lender, and the benefits and drawbacks. Private money lending is the alternative method of financing [...]

Arizona Landlord Liability Issue Checklist: What You Need To Know

2022-01-11T02:31:18-08:00Private Money Lending|

Property leasing comes with great responsibility, just as much as it brings great benefits. Unfortunately, operating outside these responsibilities, thus most times, ends up in court. This is why it is expedient to grasp the Landlord-Tenant Act fully. In Arizona, for instance, considering state [...]

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