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Mortgage Rate Locks Drop in Most Expensive Housing Market in 40 Years

2023-09-11T06:36:22-07:00private lender loan servicing|

"Loan rate lock volume was down 1.5% in August, marking a three-month decline in volume. This was largely due to mortgage rates peaking to a 20+ year high across the country, making it more challenging for private lenders. Explore more of the rate lock implications and the industry changes with this news summary by a mortgage industry expert."

Housing Inventory Tight Heading Into Fall

2023-09-11T05:35:33-07:00private money loan servicing, private mortgage loan servicing|

"Staying current with the mortgage industry? Last week private lenders saw an active listing decline but then an increase until the end of October. What new developments are taking place in the market? Get the latest insights from our expert team."

IMB uses proprietary tech for lead capture, not agent referrals.

2023-09-11T05:01:46-07:00private mortgage loan servicing|

Cliffco Mortgage Bankers is investing in technology to provide private lenders access to the Non-QM market - taking the hassle out of the loan process & empowering buyers & referral partners to make the best decisions.

Who Will Be Purchasing Mortgages?

2023-09-11T04:16:38-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Dave Stevens provides insightful information on Agency MBS, understanding the market and the implications for private lenders. Learn more about the depth and breadth within the sector. Dave Stevens provides an inside look at Agency MBS to help private lenders make informed investment decisions. Get an inside look at the $9 trillion mortgage market and the implications for private lenders. Unveil the depth and breadth within the sector with expert insight from Dave Stevens.

Letter From Lawyer Sheds Light on NAR Harassment Probe

2023-09-08T14:12:55-07:00private mortgage servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

A top lawyer’s July letter suggests private lenders should beware of "creepy" and "disrespectful" behavior at the National Association of Realtors. An outside counsel's investigation has revealed a history of misconduct, bringing into question the NAR's ability to protect the interests of private lenders. Learn what action has been taken in this scandalous situation.

Real Estate Agents: New AI-Powered Listing Tool from Revive

2023-09-08T12:35:23-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders|

Unlock real estate investment opportunities with Revive Vision AI. An AI-driven tool powered by computer vision technology, it evaluates properties' current condition and provides a detailed assessment of current market value and potential value post-renovation. Helping private lenders confidently and accurately invest in the right real estate opportunities.

eXp welcomes Net Promoter System Creator to Board

2023-09-08T10:39:29-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

This is a major milestone in the company's evolution! The appointment of Fred Reichheld to the board of eXp World Holdings will help contribute to the overall growth of eXp Realty and the private lending industry. Learn more about the impact of the appointment and the future of private lending with industry expert insights.

Freddie Mac CEO Michael DeVito to Retire in 4 Years

2023-09-08T10:32:33-07:00private mortgage loan servicing companies, private mortgage servicing|

Freddie Mac CEO Michael DeVito To Retire in Early 2024 - Insider Report for Private Lenders. Learn about the recent announcement from Freddie Mac that the company's CEO Michael DeVito will be retiring in the first quarter of 2024. Get the details on why he's leaving and what this means for private lenders.

with this tech Elevate Your RE Business with Technology Solutions

2023-09-08T09:54:53-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private lender servicing|

Meta Description: Get to the next level in your private lending career and learn from professionals Ben Kinney, Chris Suarez and me, industry expert. Don't play checkers in the dynamic market, gain key insights and strategies from the BuiltHOW event to help you succeed.

Use AI to Automate Title Status Checks

2023-09-08T09:10:40-07:00private mortgage servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

Mortgages are an integral part of the real estate industry, but delays in closings have been a major issue for years. According to recent studies, the average time from mortgage application to closing has been consistently around 50 days. It has been an immense [...]

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