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Why Reputable Hard Money Lenders Invest Time and Resources to Rigorously Verify a Borrower’s Ability To Repay?

2022-01-11T01:30:29-08:00Private Money Lending|

Hard money lenders are generally preferred by real estate investors over large financial institutions such as banks when it comes to acquiring loans. The following are the main reasons: Private money lenders process loans significantly more quickly, which is ideal for someone looking for [...]

Why DSCR is Important to Real Estate Investing

2022-01-11T01:33:08-08:00Private Money Lending|

The acronym DSCR is one of many in the finance sector. It is critical to real estate investing, and practically every lender considers it when evaluating projects. A debt-service-coverage ratio (DSCR) is an abbreviated version of the debt-service-coverage ratio. It's a closely studied metric [...]

Understanding the Importance of FICO Scores

2022-01-11T01:33:45-08:00Private Money Lending|

Investing in Flip and Fix has grown increasingly popular. When considering one, there are a few factors that lenders should keep in mind. A FICO Score is one of the most significant factors. It's a three-digit number calculated using information from your credit reports. [...]

Why Lenders Should Implement Automation Sooner Than Later

2022-01-11T01:37:33-08:00Private Money Lending|

Lenders can improve their ROI with the correct automation technologies. This is despite the fact that lenders face several obstacles, including increased risk, higher borrower expectations, higher building material costs, insufficient housing inventory, and insecure pandemic rules. While we are all aware that automation [...]

How The Rise Of Private Lending Is Reshaping The Mortgage Market

2022-01-11T01:38:53-08:00Private Money Lending|

If traditional financing options were all the real estate/construction world needed, then private lending would not exist, or at least all private lenders would be out of business by now. The simple truth is, traditional financing options will not always be the right fit [...]

Consumer Construction Lenders: Key Questions for Process Auditing

2022-01-11T01:42:05-08:00Private Money Lending|

For many borrowers, efficiency and speed is everything. As soon as they discover your services are not up to speed with their needs, they mentally remove your name from their list of go-to construction lenders. Being able to move efficiently and on time is [...]

Why Should Brokers Work with an Asset-Based Lender?

2022-01-11T01:42:57-08:00Private Money Lending|

Brokers can get more mortgage options by working with an Asset-Based lender to offer borrowers.  The offers enable them to offer all real estate investors a loan option that fits their specific needs. Before a Traditional Mortgage lender can release funds, they need documents [...]

How Digitizing The Lending Experience Can Optimize Margins


Sarah Wheeler, Editor-in-Chief of Housing Wire, spoke with Network Funding, LP Head of Product Nicholas Ripple, Tim Nguyen, CEO and Co-Founder of BeSmartee, and Amy Brandt, President of First American Docutech, to learn how the Point Of Sale (POS) software may help improve the [...]

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