This article discusses the work of Ashlyn Rippy, Chief Marketing Officer at Higher Guarantee Insurance Services. Rippy is an honoree in HousingWire’s 2021 Rising Star Awards, which recognize the best talent in finance, real estate, and tech. Rippy has been instrumental in creating and executing a successful brand strategy for the company, allowing it to become more competitive in the market by leveraging the power of technology.

Rippy has used her background in the industry to develop a robust marketing strategy that has enabled Higher Guarantee Insurance Services to reach a wider customer base. She focused on reaching people online, tapping into a much larger pool of potential customers. Rippy believes that the key to success with digital marketing is using a data-driven approach to targeting customers. This allows the company to tailor their messages and messaging channels to fit each target market.

Rippy also established an internal marketing team that ensures that Higher Guarantee Insurance Services is getting the most out of its investments in marketing and advertising. The team helps to create campaigns and strategies that meet the company’s goals. By understanding the target audience and identifying what motivates them, the team is able to create compelling campaigns that effectively reach the desired audience. Additionally, Rippy has implemented systems that allow for the tracking of key metrics so that the company can monitor their progress.

Finally, Rippy discussed the importance of ensuring that the brand’s core values are reflected in every marketing message that is sent out. She believes that brands should strive to offer consistency and cultivate relationships across all campaigns and channels. This allows customers to trust the brand and build relationships with the company that will last.

Rippy’s success as Chief Marketing Officer at Higher Guarantee Insurance Services serves as an inspiring example of the rewards of developing an effective brand strategy and leveraging technology. Her commitment to using data-driven approach and to establishing an internal marketing team to ensure consistency across all campaigns has paid dividends and has enabled the company to become more competitive in their market.

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