An effective funnel approach to real estate can have a significant positive impact on the recruitment of top-level personnel. Organizations should consider the total real estate funnel and carefully optimize each stage for maximum efficiency.

The real estate funnel comprises four key stages of the recruitment process; Awareness, Search, Selection, and Onboarding.

At the Awareness stage, organizations should focus on understanding the candidate’s primary needs and priorities. During the Search stage, organizations should narrow their choices to prospects who fit their ideal criteria. At the Selection stage, organizations should thoroughly assess the suitability of each candidate and help them get the answers they need; it is also at this stage when the principal decisions of the recruitment process are made. The Onboarding stage provides the most significant opportunity for realizing maximum efficiency during the funnel approach. Organizations must ensure this process is as smooth as possible in order to demonstrate that the recruiting process was effective and efficient.

In conclusion, the real estate funnel should not be overlooked when it comes to recruiting high-level personnel. Organizations should carefully assess the total real estate funnel and optimize each of its stages for comprehensive success.

• Awareness: Understand candidate’s primary needs and priorities
• Search: Narrow choices to prospects who fit ideal criteria
• Selection: Thoroughly assess candidate’s suitability and provide answers
• Onboarding: Ensure process is smooth to demonstrate recruiting effectiveness

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