AITD Fee Payment


We cannot do an AITD that is a Rush - Please make sure that the next payment is made on the underlying Note and then submit the file.

AITD PAYMENT INFO: For an AITD (Wrap), we will be pulling funds from the lender’s account to pay the underlying lien holder 15-20 days before the payment is due to the underlying lien holder to ensure the funds clear and can be mailed to the underlying lien holder before the payment is late. This is to ensure the lender/ underlying lien holder borrower’s credit is protected and that there are no issues with the underlying lien holder payment. This payment will be pulled and sent to the underlying lien holder regardless of the borrower payment status (it will be paid even if the borrower does not pay).

Depending on the date the loans is setup, payment may be deducted from the lender’s account immediately for the current payment. Then deducted again, a few weeks later.
Are the taxes and insurance paid by the underlying lender? Payee Name Account Number Payee Address Payee Phone Principal and interest monthly payment amount Taxes and/or insurance monthly payment amount Payment Total Amount Date next underlying payment is due Actions
Accepted file types: pdf, docx, Max. file size: 20 MB.
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