A&D Mortgage, a leading mortgage provider, is currently running a promotion exclusively for mortgage brokers, available until the end of February. The promotion, which takes advantage of the leap year, aims to incentivize brokers to work with A&D Mortgage by offering special benefits.

Key points:

– A&D Mortgage is offering a leap year promotion for mortgage brokers
– The promotion is available until the end of February
– The goal of the promotion is to attract brokers to work with A&D Mortgage
– Specific details and benefits of the promotion are not provided in the summary
– The article can be found on the Weekly Real Estate News website

Please note that the content of the article and the specific details of the promotion are not included in this summary.

You can read this full article at: https://wrenews.com/ad-mortgage-offers-leap-year-promotion-for-mortgage-brokers/

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