Brokers can get more mortgage options by working with an Asset-Based lender to offer borrowers.  The offers enable them to offer all real estate investors a loan option that fits their specific needs.

Before a Traditional Mortgage lender can release funds, they need documents showing the following: proof of employment, tax documentation, credit score, and other important documents. At the same time, an Asset-Based lender bases loan approval on the value or potential for the value of a property. Hence, this idea is better for real estate investors who might be self-employed, have poor credit, and many more. These reasons might make them ineligible for loans. The procedures involved show that getting a loan is a long process.

Brokers that work with Asset-Based lenders provide more types of borrowers with loans that fit their unique situations. These brokers can also provide better opportunities when working with Asset-Based lenders.

Since Asset-Based lenders base loan qualification on the value or potential value of a property, real estate investors who may have trouble qualifying for a traditional mortgage are ideal candidates for Asset-Based loans.

If you want to know more about why brokers work with Asset-Based lenders to increase their productivity, find out here.

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