During the loan originating process, it is paramount to ensure that both the lender and borrower remain compliant and eliminate delays to close the loan on time for every transaction. The sales aspect of loan origination might seem the most important but closing the transaction is as important as the sales aspect. There are several things to put in place to ensure the proper closure of deals and in time.

  1. Get a reliable escrow agent

To begin with, developing a relationship with a trustworthy escrow officer will help you close agreements faster and avoid the hazards that might cause delays or even deal death. In addition, a professional escrow officer can clear title issues and assist you in establishing and meeting your closing obligations.

  1. Identify red flags.

The majority of red flags that come up during the settlement process arise from title insurance issues. Having a good working relationship with the title officer as a lender can go a long way in ensuring that issues are resolved as soon as possible. Other potential red flags to be on the lookout for might include incorrect payoff demands, incorrect title clouds.

  1. Establishing a closing schedule

From the beginning to the completion of your case, time is crucial for originating a mortgage. Working with your settlement agent to anticipate any snags that could cause delays will go a long way toward ensuring that your file closes on time.

  1. Reviewing closing documents

A necessary step in closing a loan is to review the closing documents properly. The complete loan documentation should be properly reviewed before and after an agreement to ensure that every detail is accurate. Some key items to look for in the closing document are; settlement statement, insurance documents, title insurance, and escrow instructions.

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