Welcome to the Note Servicing Center Website.  As you browse the pages, we are confidence you will discover, we are not just the “run of the mill” servicing company, you will find many attributes set us apart from competitors.


Since 1984, people recognized the Note Servicing Center as one of the most reliable, progressive and innovative Note Servicing providers on the planet. But, we know the real key to our success isn’t our size. Rather, it’s the one-on-one relationship build with our clients, one at a time… one day at a time. You see, we take our business personally; we do business the old fashioned way, by delivering flexible, responsive personal service and customer care.


As a “Threshold Broker” you can count on the Note Servicing Center to protect your information and provide accurate accounting including CALBRE Independent Quarterly and Annual Audited Compliance Reporting, CFPB Compliant and with Trust Funds held in an FDIC insured Bank.  Licensed by the CALBRE and bonded, we provide standard and specialized loan servicing for all types of loans secured by real estate and for other debt instruments secured and unsecured.  Our highly sophisticated computer system, proprietary in design on the cutting edge of technology meets all requirements of trust accounting and reporting and is updated as new regulations occur.


We specialize in WORRY FREE Loan servicing for Private Lenders, Hard Money Lenders, Private Investors, IRA Pension Plan Administrators, Trust Deed Investors and Beneficiaries of Seller Loans. Whether you are a Loan Originator or a Private Investor with one note or 1,000 the NSC offers a comprehensive high quality servicing solution with an affordable, a low flat monthly fee regardless of the amount of the loan. We also serve the professional financial community such as Title and Escrow Companies, CPA’s and Attorneys who need to outsource the servicing of promissory notes for their clients. There are no hidden charges and no cancellation fees. Our sub-servicing pricing allows Brokers and Lenders an opportunity to establish an additional profit center.


During an unstable financial and banking era such as we have recently experienced, Real Estate Brokers and Investors often turn to non-traditional type financing a seller financing and Contract for deed (land contracts) transactions and other forms of non-traditional financing.  The knowledge and experienced gained from surviving and thriving through 4 decades of Booms and Busts of Real Estate and Finance has prepared the Note Servicing Center to Service even the most complex and creative transactions.  To learn more simply go to the heading on our website that best describes what you do.