It’s said that all ships are safe when they remain in the harbor – but that’s not what ships are made for! And how can you wait for “your ship to come in”, if you never sent it out of the harbor???

While “hashing over” (known as debriefing in the executive suite) the events enjoyed and workshops we’ve presented over the past two years − our staff agreed that the recurring theme among the attendees was an overwhelming concern that notes were increasingly difficult to locate.

While this may be relative by comparison to 10 years ago, most of these “woebegone” students were so new they were struggling with the difference between a Trust Deed, Warranty Deed, Grant Deed or a misdeed. Many were actually frozen by fear to the extent they were putting their business plan on hold.

Experienced note finders however, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that thousands of notes do, in fact, exist untapped, and untouched − awaiting discovery and negotiation for cash. As the co-owner of Note Servicing Center, a third-party note servicing company, I can also attest to this plethora of private notes available out in the marketplace − due to the spectacular growth and increase in our accounts servicing for private note investors during the past 12 months.

My head is not in the sand however, and it doesn’t take rocket science to understand that when interest rates are low, there may or may not be a slump in private financing and seller financing − particularly for residential single-family residential loans. It will ultimately depend on the circumstances of time, location, and needs.

However, we rarely see, and have seen no decline in private financing in commercial or residential investment property or vacant land; nor with private financing for non-traditional property and mobile homes.

Boom or Bust?

Economists tell us we are in a recession. It could be called a slow-down, a “blip” on the economic radar screen, but certainly not a depression. So… what else is new? A recession is not a hideous event. Our national economy has moved up and down and there have been booms and busts in every investment market over the years.

My husband and I have lived through the recession in 1973, 1980 and 1991. As Entrepreneurs, WE WELCOME RECESSION! We have learned that “Great Opportunity often swings on the hinges of Adversity” and that “During Tough Times the Tough get going”.

These same economists are predicting a quick recovery. But before you celebrate a quick recovery – let me ask you this: Have you made the most of this downturn? And what will you make of the fact that these same economists are telling us that regardless of low interest rates, this so called “recession” we are hopefully pulling out of has caused an enormous cash crunch?

What an opportunity to purchase notes at a deep discount and sell upstream at par, or to form an investment pool or talent team to purchase rehab properties. What an opportunity to option or purchase highly leveraged real estate, control property through land trusts, or trade up!

An Entrepreneur understands what it takes to get through challenges, survive economic downturns, economic upheavals, layoffs, respond to inflation, and to weather the storms of economic uncertainty. What an opportunity for cash flow professionals who truly understand that financing drives all creative real estate and business transactions!

The very “nature of real estate” as a leveraged investment requires a promissory note. And therefore the Unity of Real Estate and Notes cannot be extricated. There will always be a need for Real Estate as long as people need a place to live, work and recreate. And, Just as sure as interest rates came down, they will go up again… and when they do, the market will engorge once again with Seller carry back firsts and second trust deeds.

We have been amazed at how many note finders are not familiar with the plethora of methods and strategies used to acquire real estate. Knowing if the note was created as a down stroke to purchase property, originated as a new loan, part of a private refinance or a seller carry back, or possibly created and traded to balance equities in an exchange. All of these things affect the value of the note – up or down. The valuing of a note involves much more than just “calculating power”.

Wise professionals develop multiple cash flows and diversification in their own investment portfolio. The development of these kinds of investments can best be initiated in times of economic downturn while other markets have taken investors on a tortured, pothole-laced ride over a period of years.


The entrepreneurial skills we have learned and developed over the last 30 years has resulted in the accumulation of a wealth of real estate and finance expertise. Now as owners of Note Servicing Center since 1984, we can bring this experience to the table for you. You can now benefit by having a servicing company that can implement your most creative ideas in owner financing.

Every day we service all types of traditional and non-traditional loans. The all-inclusive (wrap around mortgages) are no problem. Lease options, subject to existing loans, fractionated notes, partnership notes, multiple trustors and skewed payment schedules – all are serviced without a hitch. With the exception of auto loans, we have never seen a note yet we could not service.

We are, after all, simply ordinary people who have been given the opportunity in this free enterprise system to share a piece of the American dream by running our own small business – which is the backbone that supports our Country, and has made the world a better place for all of us.

Remember, The Only thing that happens to those who wait is they grow whiskers, and “Good things come to those who CAN’T WAIT”.