This article discusses how Washington state recently changed its zoning law, which could allow wealthier neighborhoods to bypass local zoning laws. The change was pushed through by the Republican-led Washington State Senate and House, which argued that the change was necessary to expedite economic recovery. The new law allows cities to override local zoning laws in cases involving economic development projects. The law also allows local governments to use broader zoning powers to approve more housing projects in wealthier neighborhoods.

Proponents of the law argue that it will help increase the state’s housing stock, which has been in short supply. They also point to potential economic benefits, such as increased property values and increased tax revenue. However, opponents argue that the law could lead to unchecked development and put local zoning powers at risk. They also point out that it may actually disfavor poorer neighborhoods, since wealthier neighborhoods may be more desirable for development projects.

Nevertheless, this change in Washington’s zoning law could have far-reaching implications for the state’s housing market. Supporters of the law argue that it will create more housing and economic development opportunities, while opponents argue that it puts local zoning powers at risk. Regardless of which side one takes, the law will likely have an impact on the housing market, particularly in wealthier neighborhoods.

Overall, the changes to Washington’s zoning law could potentially have a great deal of impact on the state’s housing market. While the law’s proponents argue that the law will create more economic development opportunities, opponents worry that it may have a negative effect on local zoning powers and potentially encourage unchecked development. With the state now allowing cities to override local zoning laws and use broader zoning powers, the housing market could be in for some major changes in the near future.

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