Patton Gade, one of the nation’s most successful loan officers, has recently made the leap to a new career with U Mortgage. Gade is one of the top U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgage loan officers, having achieved tremendous success with the VA’s mortgage program.

At U Mortgage, Gade will be supporting borrowers and working with the team to ensure that borrowers have access to quality loan products. In this new role, Gade will leverage her years of experience to ensure that borrowers are able to take advantage of competitive rates and products. Furthermore, Gade will also be focusing on helping borrowers with minimizing their debt and finding solutions for current and potential homeowners.

Gade’s expertise and knowledge of the VA mortgage program will certainly be an asset to U Mortgage. The following are the important elements of the text:

• Patton Gade, loan officer: Top U.S DVA mortgage loan officer in the last year
• Joined brokerage firm U Mortgage
• Leverage years of experience to ensure borrowers access competitive rates and products
• Helping borrowers with minimizing debt and finding solutions for current and potential homeowners
• Experienced with DVA mortgage program, and an asset to U Mortgage

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