The current state of the labor market is subject to constant review and monitoring by the Federal Reserve. Recent reports suggest that the labor market is undergoing an ongoing period of resilience and strength. This bodes well for the US economy as it looks to the future, yet, the Federal Reserve is not about to abandon their watchful eye, and will continue to monitor the labor market’s progress.

Economists are predicting that the Federal Reserve will stay the course until public signs indicate any breaks in the labor market. This signifies that the Federal Reserve is unwilling to take a chance in prematurely changing economic policy and leaving the American people exposed to financial instability.

The key elements of this article include:
•The US economy is appearing to experience a strong and resilient labor market.
•The Federal Reserve is carefully monitoring the condition of the labor market in order to guard the US economy.
•Economists predict that the Federal Reserve will wait to act and adjust any policies until clear signs of a break in the labor market appear.

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