The home insurance market is currently experiencing serious issues that are leading to detrimental impacts on homeowners. A recent report has determined that these issues are causing a large number of homeowners to struggle to find policies that meet their need.

The report found that insurers are increasingly putting limits on the reinsurance coverage they are providing, which is leading to a significant shortage of homeowners’ coverage. Many insurers are either refusing to provide coverage to new applicants, are strictly limiting the amount of coverage that is offered, or are adjusting their risk tolerance in order to provide their customers with onerous terms. As a result of these issues, insurers are now competing in an increasingly demanding market to remain commercially viable, thereby driving up the cost of insurance premiums.

The issues that are impacting the home insurance market have a major effect on homeowners who rely on insurance coverage to protect their homes and assets. Increasingly, homeowners are being forced to purchase inadequate policies or are being left with no available coverage at all. Further, these issues also have a ripple effect on the industry, ultimately resulting in fewer opportunities for homebuyers and higher costs of homeownership.

Key Points:
•Insurers are limiting reinsurance coverage, leading to a shortage of homeowners coverage
•Homeowners are struggling to find adequate coverage or being left with no coverage at all
•Insurance premiums have increased due to higher competition in the market
•Issues in the home insurance market have a major effect on homeowners, homebuyers, and the cost of homeownership

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