The mortgage industry, like much of the world, has been greatly impacted by COVID-19. As a response, mortgage lenders have changed their policies and practices to adjust for the risks of higher-credit borrowers.

Borrowers can now be received with credit scores of 680-699 where previously this had been a very risky area to approve. These changes have resulted in access to lending to borrowers where other lenders previously would not. This has enabled lenders to flatten curves for higher-risk borrowers and support their financial needs.

These changes have also meant that borrowers with lower-risk scores have seen their access to lending reduced. It has resulted in lenders increasing the amount of higher-risk borrowers they receive, prompting lower-risk borrowers to take advantage of the competitive market or look to other options.

Notable points include:
* Changes in policies and practices to adjust for higher-risk borrowers
* Flattening curves for higher-risk borrowers using credit scores of 680-699
* Lower-risk borrowers need to take advantage of the competitive market or look to other options

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