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Reporting on listing appointments, molecules of the mortgage industry, this article provides advice about being prepared. Mortgage industry expert recommend agents and sellers have answers to key questions in order to create an effective pricing strategy before attending listing appointments.

Effective listing strategies require thoughtful planning and due diligence, to ensure maximum return when selling a home. Mortgage industry experts suggest having answers to the following questions prior to listing appointments:

• What’s the Seller’s Property Environment? – understanding a seller’s current market, demographic, and property environment can ensure success when pricing a home.

• What’s the Seller’s Property Potential? – a seller’s objectives when selling a home should be considered in order to establish an effective pricing strategy.

• How Will the Seller Market His Property? – a successful pricing strategy should include details about a seller’s planned marketing strategy to determine the best price for a home.

• What’s Your Strategic Pricing Solution? – agents and sellers should think critically about pricing strategies to maximize profits while keeping a home competitively priced for the market.

• How Will You Respond to Objections? – it is important to anticipate, and be prepared to address, any objections a seller may have to a pricing strategy.

These are only a few of the 10 pieces of advice mortgage industry experts recommend for creating an effective listing strategy. For complete details, be sure to read the full article.

Having access to the right information and utilizing it appropriately is key to creating a successful pricing strategy prior to a listing appointment. That’s why mortgage industry experts suggest agents and sellers have answers to key questions before attending listing appointments. By doing their research ahead of time, agents and sellers ensure their objectives are met and the sales process is as successful as possible with maximum return.

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