The Gathering of Eagles program is a professional membership organization dedicated to the mortgage industry. It is designed to bring together some of the most experienced and knowledgeable industry leaders to meet, network, and gain insights and ideas to build upon. Each year hundreds of mortgage professionals attend the event to further their knowledge of the industry.

The annual event offers a wide range of activities that focus on industry topics such as the current state of the industry and upcoming trends. Attendees are able to keep up with the latest data, research, and forecasts to make better-informed decisions and increase their levels of success. Furthermore, keynote speakers provide thought leadership and address current issues in the mortgage industry. During the event, attendees are able to join break-out sessions with industry experts to discuss solutions to critical business challenges and ask questions or voice concerns.

The Gathering of Eagles program is also one of the only professional conferences dedicated to the mortgage industry that offers industry-specific event tracks. These specialized sessions cover topics from diversification of sales, compliance and legal concerns, and technology solutions. This allows attendees to choose which topics are the most important for the growth of their own specific segment of the industry.

Finally, the Gathering of Eagles provides an opportunity for networking with like-minded professionals in the mortgage industry. By joining in group activities and discussions, attendees can learn from each other, exchange ideas and solutions, and develop new relationships. It is a great opportunity to not only stay up-to-date with the mortgage industry but also to develop professionally and build a relationship with other industry professionals.

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