According to a recent report, master-planned communities (MPCs) in Florida and Texas are leading the nation in terms of new home sales. The data reveals that Florida MPCs accounted for 40% of new home sales in the top 50 list, while developments in Texas closely followed with 34%. This indicates a strong demand for homes in these two states and highlights their attractiveness to home buyers.

Key points:

– Florida MPCs make up 40% of new home sales in the top 50 list.
– Texas developments account for 34% of new home sales.
– This data showcases the high demand for homes in Florida and Texas.
– It suggests that these states are popular choices among home buyers.

This information underscores the significance of the real estate market in Florida and Texas and emphasizes the importance of these two states in the mortgage industry. Homebuyers and industry professionals should take note of these trends as they continue to shape the landscape of the housing market.

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