eVaults are a significant aspect of any end-to-end digital mortgage transformation. They make it possible for lenders to create and securely keep eNotes and speed up capital market transactions. eVaults also help borrowers have a better customer experience by streamlining contacts with other mortgage ecosystem actors such as warehouse lenders, investors, and servicers.

As the mortgage and capital markets become more digital, most lenders will eventually need an eVault, independent of their lending strategy, because eVaults are required for transferring eNotes across the digital mortgage ecosystem.

For originators, warehouse lenders, investors, custodians, and trustees, eNotes and eVaults provide operationally and cost savings. Using eVaults may provide distinct benefits to different types of lenders. For example, a portfolio lender would want to add an eVault to provide eClosings and eNotes to improve their borrower experience and compete more successfully against national retail lenders. Non-bank lenders that generate loans for resale will enjoy how rapidly eNotes may flow through warehouse lines and eventually to investors.

Looking at these potential benefits, we can say the adoption question for eVault by lenders isn’t if but when and how. Instead, lenders should look at the three stages before deciding on an eVault provider.

  1. Examine your company’s business needs and your partners’ digital readiness.
  2. Recognize the elements that contribute to successful execution.
  3. Then, perform due diligence on possible eVault partners’ experience and connectivity.

With this, a lending business can adopt the eVault technology. To read more, click the link below


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