Businesses in the mortgage industry are increasingly turning to the ‘teamerage’ model of mortgage brokerage. This model, which involves brokers working in teams of multiple experts, is proving to be far more lucrative than the traditional one-broker system. As such, more and more brokerages are beginning to embrace it.

These teamerage brokers are often able to provide additional services that would otherwise not be available with a single-broker system. This includes higher levels of customer service, greater expertise in the industry, and increased ability to find the best available mortgage or loan options. Furthermore, teamerages often have an additional benefit of shared overhead costs, which can further increase the potential for profitability and drive growth.

Key Points:
• Brokerages are increasingly opting for the ‘teamerage’ model of mortgage brokerage
• This model involves teams of multiple mortgage professionals, resulting in higher margins for the brokerage
• The teamerage model provides additional services such as higher levels of customer service and greater expertise
• It also offers the potential for sharing overhead costs, which can further drive growth and profitability

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