The implementation of a new rule within the mortgage industry is set to bring about significant changes to the lead generation side of businesses, while leaving lead aggregators largely untouched. Although the rule is not expected to dismantle lead aggregators or their operations entirely, it is crucial for Loan Officers (LOs) to be prepared for the potential disruptions ahead.

• Lead aggregators are not likely to be affected: The new rule is not expected to dismantle lead aggregators or their businesses to a large extent.
• Changes predicted for lead generation: On the other hand, the lead generation side of the industry is likely to undergo major changes due to the new rule’s implementation.
• LOs must be ready: It is imperative for Loan Officers to prepare themselves for the potential disruptions that may arise as a result of these impending changes.

With the new rule’s potential impact on lead generation, Loan Officers should take proactive measures to adapt to an evolving landscape within the mortgage industry. By staying informed about the developments surrounding the new rule and its impact, LOs can position themselves ahead of their competitors and continue to thrive in this changing environment.

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