“Dreams are the raw materials for adventure. They are heady stuff that enliven people and move mountains” – H.B. London Jr.

Is it Attainable?

Is there any doubt in your mind or in your heart of hearts that success in the Note Business “is a possible dream?” A dream that can come true? To answer these questions involves a positive response to yet another few questions: Can it be done? Are others doing it? Are they successful? I see this question over and over on discussion boards, and hear it from new note buyers and brokers at various cash flow conventions and workshops all over the country.

I can confidently assure you that the answer to these questions is a resounding and absolute and unequivocal, Yes! I personally know of hundreds of people who have found and continue to enjoy financial independence by “searching out and seizing” notes either for purchase or selling to investors. Our company, Note Servicing Center, is in the businesses of servicing notes, and we service literally millions of dollars in notes and have been doing this on an annual basis since 1984.

Pay the Piper

But there is a “catch”, which is sometimes referred to by David Butler in his shocking revelation to his readers, that there is no “note fairy” contrary to popular belief. My shocking revelation to you is a little different, but along the same lines and that is: “there is no free lunch”. There is a price to pay for everything in life. By “price” I do not mean necessarily in terms of money.

Rather the price I am talking about is in terms of “Time” and “Personal Sacrifice.” What I mean here is the “putting on hold” for awhile, doing other things that you would rather be doing and that you are comfortable in doing in order to learn the basics of the business. Things like perhaps a hobby, or just hangin’ around. You know, whatever you usually do for fun. The phrase “Paying the Price” refers to the “giving up of the next highest alternative”. This is the true cost of learning the business.

Is it Worth It?

Then, after you have satisfied yourself that Success in the Note Business is not the “Impossible Dream” and that it can be attained; and you understand there is a price to pay for everything in life; then you must look into the mirror and give an honest answer to this defining question: “Is it worth it”? If the answer is a resounding “Yes” then go for it. – and when you do, don’t approach the job half heartedly or haphazardly, but with great enthusiasm and great expectation.

Let me give you a personal example. In the early days in my Real Estate Career. I decided I wanted to become a “Real Estate Developer”. Why? Well, first of all, it sounded important and at that time I wanted desperately to be important. Second, I was sick of retail house sales. This all too often included toting crying, cranky and/or fighting children of indecisive parents with yapping dogs or hair shedding kitty cats, around in my car for a “tour” of the town. Next, I heard you could make a lot of money and with four young sons, I needed a lot of money. There were only a handful of women in the entire USA at the time who were successful in the development business. In my town there were many successful real estate development companies but all of them were owned and operated by men. That was kind of refreshing thought particularly after working day in and day out in an office predominately staffed with women. The real point here is simply this, I was convinced that was attainable!

Being raised in the days of the Great Depression and the daughter of a hard working Minister, I knew intuitively that there was price to pay for everything. I knew I would have to give up something to obtain this training and experience. And give up, I did. While my family went to movies, I stayed home and studied. While they enjoyed sitting around watching favorite shows on TV, I was studying. Almost every night I went to bed with the CA Government Code Sections covering the Subdivision Map Act and/or the Business and Professional Code Sections containing the Lands Law and a Glossary. I remember saying to myself out loud, “I am going to learn this stuff if it kills me”.

From time to time I questioned, Is it worth it? Each time, I thought about how great it would be to actually divide up large parcels into lots and maybe even build houses or apartments. I thought about how proud my husband and family would be of me and also of how much new affordable homes were needed in our little town. I attended several seminars and workshops both near and far on real estate development. (Sometimes a strain on the credit card) Wow, did I get excited! Not only did I learn about the business, but also met other “wannabe” developers who later became business associates. I networked with one instructor who provided me with my first venture capital, and later put together a joint venture to construct an apartment house with a classmate who had a contracting license. Even syndicated my first talent team to purchase and subdivide a 40 acre parcel into lots. Yes, It WAS Worth It!

I have learned over the years, That it doesn’t necessarily take a smart person, an educated person, a wealthy person, a talented person or a good looking person to learn a new body of knowledge or be successful. Although I imagine one or all of these attributes are helpful. It just takes a person who believes that it is Attainable, one who is willing to pay the price, and who has determined in their heart of hearts that, It is Worth It!!

“Some men see things as they are and say, “Why?” I dream things that never were and say, “Why not?” – George Bernard Shaw