Undeniably, a digital-first approach to business is spreading, and the demand for Digital in the mortgage sector is only increasing. The future is here. The momentum already existed before COVID, and as COVID retreats, if anything, it is gaining momentum.

Lenders understand how important it is to provide their clients with the same kind of simple digital experience that they enjoy in other facets of their lives (e.g., banking, shopping, transportation). They also understand that bigger national retail lenders will offer this experience if they do not.

In addition to improving client acquisition and retention, developing digital assets lowers costs and errors and improves capital market efficiency. For example, a few recent ROI studies found that eClosings and eNotes can save loan originators about $400 per loan and settlement service providers about $100 per loan.

Most of the title and settlement companies in the industry are ready and willing to enable hybrid and, in many cases, full eClosings. In addition, thirty-nine states now have RON laws in place. As a result, the number of investors accepting eclosed electronic loans and mortgages has increased dramatically.

The current market volume drop and emphasis on purchase transactions are noteworthy challenges for the sector. In addition, lenders were reluctant to set aside resources for digital transformation projects during the past two years because they were so busy booking refinance businesses.

Lenders that have not yet adopted eClosings must now carefully assess how digital mortgages’ cost savings and operational advantages will balance the burden on the economy brought on by a bear market. To read more on how Digital is evolving in the mortgage industry, click here.


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