Regardless of the industry in which your company operates, one of the most validating and crucial aspects of your corporate identity is the name under which you conduct your day-to-day operations. When it comes to lenders, the affiliated name or logo represents the company’s reputation, and establishing a trademark can help to protect the goodwill associated with these identifying marks. With the rapid growth of lending firms and businesses, protecting the distinctiveness of their names has become a new legal concern.

Choosing a name for a new financial services corporation, such as a lending company, is an important step in the process. A company should have a unique name that distinguishes it from the competition, as several consequences can occur if a company chooses a name that is identical to that of another company. To mitigate these risks, you should always engage with a reputable trademark attorney who can conduct a risk assessment and recommend tactics for decreasing any remaining risk.

The following are some of the legal advantages of registering a trademark with the federal government:

  1. Allows the mark or emblem to be used on a national scale to connect the services/goods mentioned in the registration.
  2. Verifies the logo and the registrant’s status as the only owner of the entity.
  3. Makes a public record of the rights of the registrant.
  4. Provides a quasi-affirmative defense against trademark infringement charges made by competitors.
  5. Prevents others from registering extremely similar marks, as the USPTO will normally refuse to register logos and names that are likely to confuse with previously registered names/marks.

Registering your lending business under a trademark has several benefits, which help to protect the business generally. To read more about the trademark and its benefits, click here.

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