A loan modification alters the conditions of a lender’s mortgage, making it more accessible to borrowers. For example, suppose eligible borrowers have trouble making their monthly mortgage payments or have fallen behind and face foreclosure. In that case, a loan modification may be the best solution that the lender can offer.

Unfortunately, many lenders and borrowers do confuse loan modification with refinancing. While refinancing entails replacing an existing mortgage with a new one, a mortgage loan modification merely modifies the terms of an existing loan.

Extending the mortgage terms, receiving a cheaper interest rate, or switching loan types are all examples of loan modifications. Switching from an adjustable-rate loan to a fixed-rate loan, for example, is an example of a loan modification.

Though the mortgage lender ultimately decides on the parameters of the modification to benefit them the most, the common result for the borrower is a lower monthly payment. Due to the high expense of foreclosure, lenders may choose to negotiate a loan modification to prevent the stress that comes with it.

It is up to the lender to decide what conditions they will accept to grant a loan modification. A lender may not want to issue a loan modification to every borrower who is having trouble making their monthly mortgage payment as this might not benefit the lender based on the loan terms. If a homeowner is not currently behind on their payments but is experiencing a life transition, most lenders will consider them on the edge of default.

This life change could include loss of income, the death of a spouse, or the inability to repay the loan according to the original terms owing to illness or disability. Most lenders will give their customers a loan modification package. Even though Loan adjustments might be temporary or permanent, depending on the circumstances. To read more on loan modifications, click here.


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