The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) case to block Intercontinental Exchange Inc’s (ICE) acquisition of Black Knight, Inc. has been weakened with the divestiture of Black Knight’s Optimal Blue business platform. As the FTC can no longer show a significant overlap between the two, the agency has less of a case for proving that the consolidation of the companies would reduce competition.

The divestiture was announced last month as part of an agreement with ICE, pending approval from the FTC. The divestiture may yet prove beneficial to Black Knight’s overall growth, as it will allow the company to focus its operations.

Analysis indicates that:
• The divestiture of Black Knight’s Optimal Blue business platform has weakened the FTC’s case in opposing the ICE-Black Knight deal
• The FTC’s case relied heavily on the overlap of the two companies’ services, which is no longer as relevant with the divestiture
• The divestiture offers a potential benefit for Black Knight, allowing them to focus on other areas of their operations

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