The private lending business keeps on booming and getting more profitable across sectors. For example, private lenders who issue mortgage loans for commercial purposes are now getting numerous state licenses to lend in several states across the US, not only confining their operations to one or two states to stay up with this rising trend. Thus, new and growing private lending businesses need to understand the process of getting licensed in the states properly.

For instance, there are limitations on business purpose mortgage lending in 18 states in the US. Also, Arizona, California, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont are currently the most common (and most stringent) jurisdictions that demand a license to originate business purpose loans, regardless of the type of collateral. This research and preparation are tedious and might sometimes be confusing for lenders. Here are some ways to navigate the mortgage lender license applications:

  1. Understand the state-specific eligibility requirements
  2. Get familiar with the state regulatory agencies and the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry used for various applications.
  3. Ensure your financial statements and documentation are all available and accurate
  4. Be sure to have your formal business plan for the application process.
  5. Ensure your business has an organizational structure and management charts.

The length of the overall application procedure depends on several variables, such as the time required to gather and prepare the relevant state-specific information and paperwork, finish the company’s requisite foreign state registration, and, of course, put the right bond in place. For more detailed information on the application process for licensing, click here.

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