PNC Reduces Workforce to Manage Costs

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PNC Bank issued pink slips to an undisclosed number of employees this week to help focus on strategic expense management. Learn more about how the banking industry is adapting in this analysis from a respected mortgage industry expert.

CFPB Sues Freedom for Misrepresenting Mortgage Loan Data

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This meta description informs readers of the CFPB's lawsuit against Freedom Mortgage for alleged violation of the HMDA and the terms of the Consent Order. Discover how private lenders can stay informed of the potential impacts of this case on the mortgage industry.

Fed Urged to Give Clarity on Monetary Policy

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"Understand the housing affordability woes facing the U.S. amid ongoing market uncertainty regarding federal rates. Mortgage Bankers Association, National Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Home Builders have written to Fed Chair Powell to express their concerns"

Mortgage Rates Increase as Labor Market Tightens

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A mortgage industry expert summarizes the latest news on the violent job recession bear market—one that private lenders must be aware of. Learn how the Honey Badger labor market has put a new spin on unemployment and labor market growth.

U.S. Housing Market Impact of China’s Real Estate Crisis

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Discover what real estate experts have concluded about the treacherous Chinese market in recent years. Gain insight into the worrisome foreshadow of what happened in the U.S. in the mid-2000s & how it relates to China's recent market moves. Uncover the truth behind China's classically laissez-faire lending standards & financial pitfalls.

Mortgage Originators Offer First-Time Homebuyers Advice as Rates Nearing 8%

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"Struggling to keep up with changing mortgage rates? Private lenders are pivoting to first-time homebuyers to stay afloat. Learn how FHA, VA loans and down payment assistance can help make the dream of homeownership accessible."

DOJ Wins Decision in Buyer Broker Compensation Lawsuit

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"Learn why Boston's U.S. District Court Judge granted an extension request from the DOJ in the Nosalek suit to approve Private Lenders' MLS PIN settlement. Expert Opinion from a Mortgage Industry Pro provided - No Sales Pitches!"

Truework and Revvin team up to improve income verification for point-of-sale systems.

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Finance experts obtain comprehensive income verification coverage with one integrated platform - Digital lending platform Revvin now partners with Truework employment and income verification platform. Streamline verification process and increase loan approvals with an easy-to-use, secure and reliable service.

in the mortgage industry Benefits of Hiring Buyer’s Agents in Mortgage Industry

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Real estate agents are presented with unique challenges when setting realistic expectations, providing consumers transparency and tangibly demonstrating their value. Find out what measures these professionals can take to rise to the challenge and succeed in the real estate market.

Newrez Partners with Keller Williams Georgia for Mortgage JV

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Achieve the American Dream of Homeownership | Onward Home Mortgage Partnering with Keller Williams Georgia Legacy Group. Our mission is to provide mortgage products today's families need for their home buying journey. Get started now.

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